Apparently, the SLF…

Apparently, the SLF event on Thursday was a big success, and netted $450 for us -- that, plus the $250 from the other event, comes to $700 total, which will go directly towards the Fountain Award. Very satisfying, and it impresses me, to know that two smallish events could raise so much cash. Fund-raising is a fascinating subject, and one I'm getting more and more involved in these days. Lots to learn!

2 thoughts on “Apparently, the SLF…”

  1. Nice! That’s probably also reassuring for future Fountain Award fundraising–if I’m remembering right, about half of the money collected at the first event went towards paying the performance art group, right? So if you do similar events next year without that extra expense, you can probably fully fund the Fountain Award just from two reading events.

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