Bob forwarded my first…

Bob forwarded my first rejection on the novel, from an editor who didn't think it was quite a novel, and didn't think they could effectively publish it. I suspect that's going to be a common response, which is worrying. But on the plus side, she loved the stories, said some nice things about my writing, and wants to be on the list for when I write an actual novel. :-)

That's definitely motivation for working on the threesome novel next -- I'm meeting with Sharyn November (YA editor with Penguin) at WisCon, and I think if I can't squeeze some sort of actual contract out of her for the YA fantasy novel, I may well forge ahead on the threesome book. Though I could just waffle some more... I wish there were another two weeks before WisCon -- I would devote that time to trying to do a significant amount of work on the YA book, so I had more to show Sharyn. Ah well.

I do appreciate that Bob got a response so fast -- he offered it exclusively to this editor and asked her to respond within two weeks. Now it's with another one, similar requested response time. If I understand the process right, he'll try that with several promising ones, and if none of those work out, then it gets submitted more widely. This is a big improvement over what would happen if I were just blindly sending this to publishing houses!!! And I love love love that he's keeping me so informed on what happens. Really helps assuage my anxiety about the whole process.

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