Firstly, huge congrats…

Firstly, huge congrats to Tim Pratt for selling his novel! Yay, Tim! I feel oddly maternalistic about the whole thing, just because we published quite a few of his short stories at SH. Our baby's growing up! :-)

In my own news -- I feel like I'm coming back to myself again. There was about a week there when I was oddly tired most of the time, unable to cope with anything beyond the socializing that needed to be done while Priya was in town; she lives in Boston and I don't see her enough and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could, and that all went well, but whenever I wasn't doing that, I was exhausted. Flopping in front of the tv or a book, not doing dishes or watering plants or working. I think I may have been fighting off a low-level cold without realizing it. Yesterday I knew I needed to do laundry in order to have clean clothes to wear to the gym this morning, and I just couldn't handle it. Watched lots of Buffy and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? instead (very funny). Kevin eventually took pity on me and did a load of laundry, that's how pathetic I was. I managed to do some Spanish study, but not as much as I should've. Today and tomorrow I need to really cram, with the test coming up on Friday. I have to go to the gym this morning, and a meeting of the Asian artists collective tonight, but I can study through the afternoon and all of tomorrow.

After the Friday exam, I start madly prepping for WisCon. There's flyers to print, boxes of books to move to my car, possibly a banner to make for the SLF dealer's room table -- I figure it'll be reusable, and a good investment. Kinko's claims they can turn it around in a day, although I really ought to at least get the designers working on it now. And then there's art to make and finish -- I have a few half-done projects that I ought to try and get completed, and a few new pieces I wanted to make, and one frame to repair that was damaged in the car accident last winter (I'm still astonished that none of the glass in the trunk broke in that accident -- hooray for blanket padding). There's spices to go buy and then dry-roast, in preparation for the Sri Lankan spice-mixing booth at the Gathering. WisCon is exciting, but whew, a lot of work. And that's just my stuff -- poor Karen's all caught up in actually helping to run the convention; I can't imagine how much she has to do right now.

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  1. Well, technically speaking we’ve only published three of Tim’s stories at SH, but we’ve also published three of his reviews and fourteen of his poems, so it does all add up to quite a bit.

  2. Susan Marie Groppi

    And, I mean, I know that some writers say that we’ve helped their writing, but I have to say that I think Tim is one of those people who was going to succeed with us or without us. My Strange Horizons author pride manifests more at a warm fuzzy glow for how smart those of us in the fiction department were for recognizing him before he was a Name.

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