I’m feeling oddly…

I'm feeling oddly aimless these days. Oh, there are things I should be doing. I finished off the Tor stuff and the SH workshops subs, but I still have Spanish to study. I should be studying Spanish pretty much all the time right now, actually. Instead, I clean my apartment. I do my laundry. (These are also good things to do, with an aunt coming to visit soon, but still.) I have some random SLF things to do, here and there. There's bits of planning for the Chicago SA lit festival.

So my brain is inevitably starting to think about what comes next. If I actually pass this Spanish exam, I get to start studying Tamil. That's one summer project. I need to develop my course for the Kearny Street workshop, which will take a day or so of working to plan and gather materials. There's still some prep for WisCon, and for the SH summer workshops. Little things, here and there.

But but but. Those aren't books. I'm not writing a book, or editing a book, or proofing a book. The novel is with my agent, and I should just wait on that. Silence is done (and my WisCon copies have been shipped and are on their way here). I've handed over the Blowfish book and signed off on it; it'll come out sometime in the next few months. I might have some proofing of it at some point, but I don't have it in hand right now.

What I need to know is what book I'm working on next. I have a small temptation to dive into the threesome novel (did I mention here that I want to write a threesome novel about Gabriel and Roshan and Shefali?) -- I've gotten to know a lot more about their families recently, while writing the dissertation novel. I've rarely seen a decent threesome movie, and even more rarely read a decent threesome book, one which actually gives us some of the real emotional dynamics that can come up. I'd like to write such a book, and having three short stories written around those people definitely helps.

But I'm also tempted by the idea of going back to that YA fantasy, trying to actually get more than a third of the way through. Finishing a full draft would be awfully nice. And it intimidates me, because while I like that book, I keep getting stuck on it, for no good reason that I can see. But I hate leaving it part-finished like this. I'm goal-oriented; I like to start projects and complete them. It's itching at me, that this YA novel is partly written. Maybe it should come next...

How about a vote? Do you guys have a preference? Threesome mainstream novel or YA urban-ish fantasy? (Not promising that I'll be guided by your advice, but I would be curious, and you never know...)

5 thoughts on “I’m feeling oddly…”

  1. In the spirit of refusing to choose just one option, I’d go for a threesome urban-ish fantasy novel, YA or otherwise, except I think that the mainstream could use a good threesome novel.

  2. Oh, I should have noted that there is a poly element in the YA novel. Also interracial stuff. Interracial poly queer stuff, in fact. It just isn’t the focus of the book.

  3. I vote for whichever you feel most passionate about — none of this “should” nonsense. Passion is too rare and powerful to waste when you actually have a choice. 🙂

  4. I would love to see a mainstream threesome novel. I remember a great essay on Nerve last year, other than that I’ve never seen anything that isn’t just prurient.

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