Argh. I woke up too…

Argh. I woke up too early, and to add insult to injury, my scale now thinks I'm up a pound, to 139. It has no reason to think so -- I've been good the last three days. I'm trying to regard it as a random blip and ignore it (only my Wednesday scale readings are supposed to count), but it's making for a cranky start to the day.

To be fair, the body fat percentage has gone down, so I suppose it's possible that it's a pound of solid muscle. I did do a fierce weights session at the gym yesterday. We can hope.

I'm going to watch some tv for a bit, then cleaning and cooking. Potluck meeting of SAPAC at my apartment this afternoon; I have absolutely no idea how many people are coming. Could be three, could be thirteen. I also find this disconcerting, but over it, I have no control. South Asians are apparently terrible at RSVP-ing.

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