We’re starting to get…

We're starting to get ready for a June membership drive for the SLF. One of the things we're doing is developing a wishlist, so people who are thinking of signing up will know what we'd be spending their membership money on. Here's what we have so far -- I'd love to hear suggestions on what else we could offer that would be good for the field:

$300 (10 new memberships) -- Travel Grant

A travel grant intended to assist writers in their research; applicants will submit fiction/poetry based in the location they wish to travel to.

$750 (25 new memberships) -- Older Writers' Grant

A merit-based grant to a writer 50 years of age or older; this grant is designed to provide financial assistance to emerging writers who have not yet established themselves at the professional level.

$1500 (50 new memberships) -- Workshop Development

$250 each to Clarion, Clarion West, Clarion South, Odyssey, Strange Horizons Workshops, Viable Paradise, the money to be used for the benefit of students, in the form of scholarship funds, improved infrastructure, instructor fees, etc.; if the workshop is showing a profit otherwise, the money should be directed towards needs-based scholarship funds for students.

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