Someone recently asked…

Someone recently asked me for the recipe for the mango vinaigrette; I sent them back a response, but then realized some of y'all might be interested. I get it out of a bottle, but here's the ingredients:

Spectrum Naturals: Mango Madness (1 T = 25 calories, look for it in the organic section)

Mango, white wine vinegar, water, mango puree, grape juice concentrate, honey, canola oil, crushed pineapple, orange juice concentrate, natural flavor, sea salt, xanthan (natural thickener), guar (vegetable gum), and natural spices (seems like a bit of ginger, not sure what else)

This is low-fat -- I suspect if you add a bit more oil (or perhaps pureed mango), you can skip the other thickeners. And I'm guessing you could subsitute various juices for the grape and orange.

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