So, I’m delighted to…

So, I'm delighted to announce that I've now seen and approved the final print copy of Silence and the Word! There's something that'll make a girl's day. :-) It came in the mail today and it's beautiful beautiful beautiful. Great job on the cover, Zak! So pretty!

It'll be about a week before its listings are up and running on Amazon and B& -- at that point, people will be able to buy it with a credit card. But if you're willing to write a check or use PayPal (and are willing to wait a few weeks for Steve to ship them), you can get a special deal if you order before June 30th -- 20% off the $15 cover price (for 300 jam-packed fabulous pages), and free shipping if you buy more than one copy. :-)

So if interested, send Steve a note at, and let him know

  • how many copies you want
  • where you want them shipped
  • how you'll be paying for them (check or PayPal)
It's $12/copy, and if you only buy one copy, add $4 for shipping. (Multiple copies, free shipping.)

Then you send him a check (or use PayPal, clicking on the Send Money tab and entering this e-mail address:, and he'll ship the books (as soon as he's done with exams).

Lethe Press
102 Heritage Avenue
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

I should also have about fifteen copies with me at WisCon, so if you're coming, you can buy them directly from me then, at the SLF Small-Press Co-op dealer's room table. :-) Yay!

4 thoughts on “So, I’m delighted to…”

  1. It looks gorgeous, the whole thing front and back. A good match for what’s inside.

    I’d like to get my copy at WisCon, unless you’re worried you may not have enough…

  2. That’s fine, Karen — you can always buy it from me later if I run out at WisCon. 🙂

    Though I realized I should clarify; the 20% discount is only if you order directly from Lethe Press. So if you’re buying ’em from me at WisCon, it’s the full $15. Unless you sweet-talk me into a convention discount…

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