I’m alternately excited…

I'm alternately excited and scared about the story I'm supposed to write today. I think it's going first, which means the first sentence I write will be the first sentence of my entire novel. Eep. I keep wanting to just start, but I promised Kev I'd leave him the apartment today, and once I start writing I hopefully won't want to stop, so what I actually have to do is get up, have some tea and breakfast, and then get dressed and go somewhere where I can work. I'm thinking the Caribou Coffee down on the UIC campus, near the new Barbara's -- they have both extremely comfy chairs and study-appropriate tables, so you have options. And a kazillion outlets. And chai and really good cranberry muffins (if I don't get there too late, like I did last time -- their cream cheese muffin is notably inferior).

Btw, have I mentioned that I'm really enjoying the SAPAC people? I mean, they're all more political than I am, but that's good, I'm getting educated. And more than that, the core group of (mostly) women are just really cool, and smart, and interesting. The various other people who come and go seem pretty cool too. So, that's good. I think we're going to hold the next meeting at my place, possibly potluck. So despite being somewhat on the fringes of the group in a bunch of ways (as a Sri Lankan, some of the Hindu fundamentalist politics they're concerned with aren't at the forefront of my mind) I think I've still somehow become firmly entrenched; this is now one of the things I do. And that's nice.

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