Hi, guys. A little…

Hi, guys. A little mopey because yesterday the scale claimed I was 139 (under 140!) for the first time in oh, a decade or so, and today it's back at a steady 140. But perhaps that's not surprising, given the lack of exercise in the last two days and the utter delectability of last night's dinner at Beth and David's (veggies with sun-dried tomato dip, glorious cheese, mousse, prosciutto, blood orange slices, cherries, satay with a Malaysian rub and a killer peanut sauce, homemade chili, chicken and cheese tamales, cheesecake with balsamic strawberry sauce, lattes to cap it all off, and good wine throughout). I swear I only had a little bit of each, but it does pile up. I have no regrets. :-)

There is some thought of starting an ethnic potluck dinner series here in Chicago, for the foodies. Probably not until I get back from travelling in September, though. Someone remind me then.

On another note entirely, the Nebulas have been announced for this year. Yay, Karen! Yay, Neil! I love both their texts. I hear the novel winner is good too, but I haven't read it yet.

Had a lot of good intense talking with Karen (different Karen), and I'm very glad she came down, but now I'm feeling a mite stressed about deadlines and work. I have few real deadlines, but several really ought to get done deadlines. I'll try to power through one or two of them today. I think I'm going to withdraw the story I have at SciFiction and just put it in my new book; if I get that manuscript done really quick, and Zak does the cover art really quick, then we might actually have the book ready by WisCon, and be able to sell it at the SLF dealer's table. Fingers crossed...

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