I was watching part of a…

I was watching part of a DS9 marathon (while virtuously working on SH and SLF stuff :-), and was struck by a thought. I just reviewed James White's Sector General novels, just fabulous stories about a hospital in space. Lots of aliens, lots of conflict, lots of drama and humor, like Scrubs and ER rolled up together and tossed into space. And Star Trek has done war (with DS9) and it's done lots of exploration, and it tends to get stuck in these militaristic story arcs, because that's where the tension is, and really, that's against the whole original spirit of Star Trek.

So I have a premise for a new Star Trek spinoff series, that I think would really kick ass -- jump ahead to the future again (yes, you can keep running your grungy Enterprise and I'll watch it, but I miss the shiny future all bright with possibility) with a fabulous Federation Hospital (like Kingdom Hospital, but oh, so much better) spinoff series.

Somewhere fairly far out, so there can be problems with supplies and such, and lots of new aliens showing up to present new challenges to the staff. Bright young interns wet behind the ears, harried hospital chiefs of staffs trying to balance intergalactic politics with good medicine -- and heck, you can have some very nice conflicts with Starfleet too, who the medical people will generally consider to be warmongers. (There's some good set-up for that with Kirk's son, if I remember right).

I want to watch it. Damnit, who do I talk to at Paramount?

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  1. Yup, he was. He was also the guy who used to star in the mercifully short-lived tv sitcom “Square Pegs.” But he dies on the (I forget its name; Armageddon?) planet in its infancy when it’s still creating itself, so maybe there’s a possibility that he, like Spock, could have been recreated.

  2. I didn’t mean that Kirk’s son would actually be in my series — rather that his and his mother’s attitudes towards Starfleet serve to illustrate a possible clash that could be developed on my hospital station. Dangit, I still want to watch this show.

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