Revised the marriage…

Revised the marriage poem, but it took longer than I expected. I'd post it here, but I left some blank spaces for Angeli to fill in info. When we have a final draft, I'll put it up.

I have an appt. downtown at 3:30, so I'm thinking I was way over-optimistic on timing today; not sure I'll make it to the Blowfish stuff, given that I still have to go to the post office. Current revised plan: finish getting dressed, go to post office, come back and map out route for this afternoon, then figure out if I have time to work on Blowfish stuff.

I still don't know if Angeli got my message about rehearsal tonight, so it's possible that I'll get there and she won't be there. Frustrating. I suppose I can just read her part, though, and we can find another time to rehearse together.

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