Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Gods -- somehow I feel like I've been playing catch-up forever. Slowly starting to feel like things are getting under control again.

Finishing yesterday's draft of the book helped a lot. I'm still thinking I may write one or two new stories for it (had a good insight on one of them this morning, involving nuns), but it's nice to have what's done in well-edited form. Very satisfying. In a little while I'll go over to Kinko's and make copies so I can send the updated version to Bob, to Karen Joy Fowler and to Chip Delany (the latter two have kindly agreed to look at it if they have time and possibly give a blurb if the like it -- if they don't, ah well). I've also sent it to Jed and Kevin to read; they've both read some of the stories individually, of course, but not the whole thing at one go. Exciting. Oh, and I need to make a copy to give Sapna; she's a local writer I've been getting to know recently who has kindly agreed to give it a read from a South Asian point of view, just to make sure I didn't say anything too stupid.

Today I've got two major tasks -- revise a poem on marriage that Angeli and I are collaborating on for tonight's rehearsal (we'll be performing it at the local Asian American arts festival on Sunday evening the 11th). That's actually going to be somewhat difficult material to work with, but hopefully I can do a decent job. And finish the Blowfish anthology -- I recently tracked down maya, one of my poets, so as far as I can tell, the anthology is officially reassembled. I need to do a last editing check and then calculate word counts so that I can issue contracts and let Blowfish know how much the checks should be. That's another thing that it will be very nice to have done.

And if I somehow finish all that -- well, there are TOR manuscripts to read -- two complete books, and several sets of three chapters. Probably won't get to that today, though.

Tomorrow is set aside for SLF and SH stuff. I'm fairly behind, but if I spent a whole day on it, I think I can catch up. I recently talked to someone who mentioned that Wednesday's her day for volunteer work; I think that may be a good plan for me to institute as well, so that even if I'm dealing with random little e-mails during the week, the bulk of the work gets restrained to one day. It also makes it more likely that it'll actually get done in a timely manner, I think. Worth trying, at any rate.

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