It’s that time again –…

It's that time again -- Strange Horizons is doing is semi-annual fund drive. As you know, SH is a volunteer-staffed, donor-supported professional magazine; as such, it is entirely dependent on the good will (and cold hard cash) of fine people like you. This fund drive we're trying to raise $2000, which is just under 15 percent of our annual budget. The bulk of SH's finances have historically come from a few large donors, but every year, we try to spread that burden out a little bit more, to become more generally supported by the community.

If you love science fiction and fantasy and can spare $25, consider becoming a SH member -- you get a spiffy card, a discount on our books (the next Best Of will be out soon!), and a sense of increased self-worth as a patron of the arts. If you can spare a little more, even better -- we offer special rewards to those who donate at higher levels (check the fund drive page for details).

And hey, if you already became a 2004 member in our last fund drive, that doesn't mean you can't donate again! If you do, you get a chance at one of our spiffy new donor prizes, which are quite fabulous and worthy of excitement in themselves. :-)

2 thoughts on “It’s that time again –…”

  1. If, hypothetically, your members/donors were compulsive people who plan such things far in advance, and were going to give SH N dollars in 2004, would it be better from SH’s point of view to get that as a single N in one fund drive, or as N/2 in each of the two fund drives?

  2. It doesn’t matter much to us whether the full amount comes now or later. The only difference I can think of is that you’ll be eligible for two sets of fund-drive prizes if you split the donation, but that’s a difference for you. I guess there’s also a slight advantage to splitting it, in that it brings us closer to meeting our fund-drive goal in each of the two drives, but that’s not such a big deal.

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