I found the website for…

I found the website for Oasis -- it looks nice. Looking forward to seeing the publication, in their fall 2004 issue.

Didn't get any writing done yesterday -- after the meeting (productive), I ended up back here and feeling exhausted. Mostly just played computer games, though also talked to my father some about historical Sri Lanka stuff, which was helpful. Other than that, the day was a wash as far as writing was concerned.

I need to start getting up earlier. My plan for the next two weeks was to work on novel stuff in the mornings (revising, drafting new story, collecting promotional materials to send to Bob, writing up blurbs about me for him), and study Spanish in the afternoons, in preparation for hopefully finally passing my language exam in May (still to-be-scheduled). (Tamil is still in the long-term study plans, but Katie thought it made more sense to take the exam in a language I already knew pretty well.) This is a fine plan, but doesn't work so well when one doesn't wake up until 9 and then takes an hour and a half to get through morning e-mail and journals and breakfast and tea. If I'm going to allocate that much time to getting going, then I need to be getting up around 7 instead. Which should be feasible -- I did go to bed at 11:30 last night, but for some reason just kept sleeping and sleeping.

Okay. Must write now.

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  1. I’ll take a look, Nick, but anything that’s on its first issue probably won’t do for me at the moment, since I need to build literary credibility by publishing at places the academy will recognize. I want that cushy professorial job, dangit. 🙂

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