It’s a little weird,…

It's a little weird, waking up at 3:30 for no good reason, especially when you had trouble falling asleep the night before, so you've only had about four hours of sleep. But you can't complain too much when various story issues resolve themselves as you wake, and you suddenly understand an overall element of your book that astonishingly hadn't been clear to you before.

I did try to sleep longer, but with no luck, and eventually it was clear that despite trying to lie still and very very quiet, I was just keeping poor Kevin up too, so I climbed out of bed. Threw on gym clothes since I'll be going there in a few hours and pulled out the computer. There's something very soothing about the first rustle of fingers across the keys in the early morning.

Plan for today -- reorganize chronology of Bodies in Motion, perhaps start David and Katie's edits.

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