I just realized why I’m…

I just realized why I'm so very happy about Bob's reaction. I mean, it's lovely to have an agent, no doubt. But what's really thrilling me is that he's the very first person to read this entire book and say that they loved it. I'm too close to it, you know? I've been working on this so long, and in so many pieces, that I can't tell if this is something that people could love. And while I've written books in the past that were purely entertainment and fun (like Kathryn in the City), what I really want is to write books that people will fall in love with. And I'm still quite nervous that people will read this and mostly think, "eh, that was okay." I mean, I know it's not bad. I know it's competently written. But there's a big step between that and it being a book that people can love. So even if Bob's the only one who loves it, that's something. And hopefully there'll be at least a few more along the way. :-)

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