Tentative diagnosis: …

Tentative diagnosis: feeling somewhat better.

I slept most of the day (or rather dozed in front of the tv). By 2-ish, I felt enough better to try some saltines and water, and so far, they seem to be staying down. I'm not ready to pronounce myself cured yet, given that two nights ago I felt sick, then felt fine for many hours, then got really sick. But vaguely hopeful. What are you supposed to try eating after saltines? Toast? Anything I should be avoiding?

I just got an exciting e-mail from Bob MeCoy, the editor I worked with at Random House on AE, who has been agenting full-time for the last few years. It said: "Call me. I've read the manuscript and I'm very excited." Eep. Eep eep eep. I did, of course, call him, but he was gone for the day (NY being an hour later than here). Argh. I would so love it if he wanted to agent my dissertation, I can't tell you. It would save me doing the massive agent search, which I've been dreading. We try not to get our hopes up now, and wait for tomorrow.

I guess that's the theme at the moment.

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  1. Darnit, I hit the enter key by accident… 3 times. Anyway, my vote is for jello, if you drink it as a tea while it’s still hot it just feels so good going down.

  2. Gatoraide is pretty much the thing to try and drink when you can’t keep food down. Just take tiny sips and keep at it. It tastes pretty nasty, but it’s got all the emergency-type stuff your body needs.

  3. Hey, fingers crossed on both issues. A Random House editor saying he’s “very excited”! Shall try not to get my hopes up for you, but if things go well, you certainly deserve it. 🙂

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