Ah, another…

Ah, another middle-of-the-night cooking binge. I've made beef curry so far, and Kev's made palak paneer. I'm going to make one more dish tonight, the chicken curry to flavor tomorrow's biryani, and then I'm going to sleep. I wouldn't normally be up this late when I'm sick, but a) the cold appears to be beginning its retreat, and b) I slept until 10 this morning, so I'm not sleepy yet. And with Paul and Marcia arriving from Utah tomorrow, and curry promised to them, there's a fair bit of cooking left to do. Fun! :-)

Not sure what else I did today -- oh, right, went to the dermatologist to find out what was causing the weird and highly annoying patches of dry skin around my lips. Apparently, it's clearly an allergic reaction (clear to him, not to me) and he has forbid me to use any lip goop other than vaseline. He has also given me some actual medicine. I have also been scolded for being a lip-licker; apparently my tendency to lick my lips when nervous aggravated the dry skin. Counter-intuitive, is what I call it. But in any case, it looks a little better already, so hopefully all fixed in a few days. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, painted the bathroom door white, printed out and hung up my jellyfish photos in the bathroom, cleaned some. One of these days I'll get back to doing some actual work, but not quite yet, apparently.

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