Yesterday was gorgeous…

Yesterday was gorgeous -- 60's and sunny, with a stiff but comfortable breeze. Today, it's snowing again. Argh!!!

I did get out yesterday, with a yummy lunch at my aunt's (where yes, I consumed three fried prawns and two fried vegetable rolls, and at least a cup of fried rice and a really rich mutton curry, so I'm guessing a minimum of 1000 calories for lunch alone, sigh, but it was oh, so good).

Afterwards, stopped at Sherwin Williams and got the last of the paint I needed, then at the Container Store for utility shelving. See, we used to have utility shelving in our closet, to hold tools and paper towels and lightbulbs and such. Then Kevin bought a fridge, because he's making vast quantities of beer these days, and that needed to go in there. So we needed to toss out our old shelving (luckily, only about $20 from IKEA, and we just put it in the garage, so I'm hoping someone else will take it and make use of it) and buy some new stuff. The new stuff is deeper, so despite losing the bottom shelf to his fridge, I actually have about as much shelf space as I did before. Which is good. I don't mind him making beer, but the beer stuff was starting to take over the apartment -- canisters and buckets and then a fridge, all of which now fit on that bottom shelf. Yay!

Came home and had a minor freakout at how totally trashed our apartment was -- stuff from the bathroom all over the tv room, due to painting, laundry that I hadn't finished putting away, stuff from the utility closet all over the living room. But an hour or so of putting together shelves and reorganizing helped mightily. By which point I was more than ready to just lie on the couch and nurse my throat, which got sore and scratchy and swollen out of nowhere -- and it still is this morning, so I'm officially sick again, damn it. Not particularly tired, thank the gods, so I can keep working out, at least. But it's a nuisance.

The plan for today is to make some eggs and toast (or more accurately, one egg and half a slice of toasted pita, for a total of 150 calories :-). Then shower, dress, print out stuff for the Mura workshop. Clean up a little. Head up there to the workshop; that runs 'til 4, and I think there's some talk of a coffeeshop afterwards. Stop at the Container Store again on the way home and get a drawer unit for the shelving thingie, plus hooks, to make it more functional. Also stop for groceries. And then back here by 7 p.m. for dinner at Artopolis with Jeremy Smith, who's briefly in town. So any more actual work won't be done until after 9-ish, I imagine, but that's okay. Really it is, even though I'm somehow feeling a little stressed and like what I really need to do is just sit at the computer and pound through all the rest of the TOR manuscripts and get the Blowfish manuscript wordcounted and signed off on. But I can do that Monday morning, really I can. It'll be okay.

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