So, put on the second…

So, put on the second coat of blue yesterday, the Blueblood shade, and it looks great! Perfect, exactly the kind of color I wanted, rich and super-saturated without being over-dark. I picked up some cobalt glass shower hooks at Home Depot a few nights ago, and they accent nicely. Oh, I don't know why I'm telling you in such detail; I'll just take some photos when it's done. Very exciting!

It's making me want to paint the tv room even more, but that's a much bigger project -- twice the wall space, plus I'd have to move out all the massive bookshelves. Eep. Will probably take a break before tackling that, and call in friends to help. Pizza and painting, fun. Maybe in a few weeks, after Paul and Marcia come and go.

I also did a fair bit of work on TOR manuscripts yesterday; I'm hoping to be through this batch by Monday, which will be a relief, and will free me up to just write. That's the idea, anyway.

Mirna's coming by in fifteen minutes or so and picking me up to take me over to our aunt's place for lunch. Not diet-y food, but I will try to restrain myself and only eat a minimum of the delicious fried appetizer things that will undoubtedly be there...

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