Slow morning today, but…

Slow morning today, but I dealt with some e-mail, started making plans for Paul and Marcia's visit here next week (yay!) and wrote that James White review for SH. So that's something. Oh, and I stayed up late and primed the bathroom last night, so it's all ready for color now. The actual painting took maybe an hour and a half -- clean-up took at least half an hour. Washing out lots of painting tools is slow! I'm trying to decide what to do next -- either throw on some clothes and go to a bookstore to work on either TOR manuscripts or revising (probably the former, since I'm feeling tired and groggy today), or put a coat of paint on the walls and then go out. Will finish second cup of tea and decide then.

Oh, but before I go, two new staff positions opened up at SH:

Development / PR

The ideal candidate for this non-paying position would be someone who has worked in fund-raising in the past, but we'll consider any applicant who has enthusiasm, energy, and two or three hours a week to spare. Working in our Development group, your responsibilities might include some of the following activities: helping organize and administrate our twice-yearly fund drives, coordinating our annual Reader's Choice Awards and reader survey, helping to promote Strange Horizons and raise our visibility, contributing to ongoing development projects such as grant-writing and building an endowment fund.

Bookstore Manager

The bookstore is a vital element in our revenue model; affiliate sales can bring a magazine a significant amount of money. An ideal bookstore manager would read our galleys every Sunday, note what titles are being reviewed, mentioned in articles, mentioned in bios, etc., and add those titles (with annotations) to the bookstore. We're sadly a bit behind in this, so there may be some catch-up work at the start. Applicants must have a basic knowledge of HTML. Estimated workload: 2 hours/week, plus some additional start-up time.

Contact Susan Groppi if interested.

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