So, I’m agent-searching….

So, I'm agent-searching. Or editor-searching. Or something like that. It's time for me to start trying to actually sell the dissertation novel -- though I plan to keep revising pretty seriously, it's solid enough at this point to send out. I sent some preliminary e-mail this morning to Bob MeCoy (who used to be an editor at Random House and who is now an agent) and Sharyn November (a senior kids' book editor at Penguin) to see whether they might be able to help me out, point me in the right direction. I'll wait a few days to hear from them, then I'll try sending out a note to some of the mailing lists I'm on, to see if anyone can hook me up. If that fails, then comes the massive general agent mailing, which frankly, the very thought of exhausts me. (Did I just totally mangle the grammar in that sentence?)

This is not the fun part.

I also need to fire (or more accurately, part ways with) my current nominal agent. She's a nice lady, but she doesn't do anything for me, and never really has.

Reading: Garth Nix's Abhorsen

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  1. Always happy to chat with you, Benjy-boy. Just let me know when and where to call…

    And give a smooch to your adorable daughter for me. The new one too, though we haven’t formally met yet. 🙂

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