Okay, so I’m a little…

Okay, so I'm a little stressed about the dieting thing. My scale today thinks I gained two pounds from yesterday. Is that even feasible? I had a normal breakfast and lunch, and okay, dinner was totally over-the-top. Not to mention taking a long time. I ate some rich food, but not crazy amounts of it -- unless two shrimp skewers and one chicken skewer with peanut sauce, a half-bowl of pho soup, three ounces of grilled duck, a half cup of sweet potatoes absolutely loaded down with cream and butter, a handful of candied pecans, a half-cup of pear chutney, and a lovely little creme brulee adds up to a crazy amount. Oh my god -- it does, doesn't it?

That's like 2500 calories instead of the 500 or so I should've had for dinner. It doesn't seem like 2500 calories when you eat it over six+ hours. We went very slowly, and had appetizers at 7, soup around 9, board games at 10, dinner at oh, 11:15, and dessert around 12:30. It made me feel oddly European, though I actually have no evidence that any actual European would eat like that. I did have three mango martinis (yum, garnished with slices of fresh mango instead of cherries), so I'm also feeling a bit slow and sluggish today. But I'm going to make myself go into the gym, because gaining two pounds in one day is just scary. I still can't quite believe that's real.

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  1. this is why Weight Watchers and others recommend not weighing yourself every day {g} — it’s stressful and not particularly accurate of long-term weight changes.

    fyi, there’s a livejournal community called fandom_ww in which fannish types who are following the WW program officially, unofficially, or not at all congregate, ask questions, vent, get support. Recent entries have discussed similar weight fluctuations and what can cause them. You don’t have to have a livejournal account to read the entries.

    more info | journal entries

  2. Yeah, watch out over freaking on the daily flux. You can change 3-4 lbs in a day on water wait alone.

    Keep in mind that if you don’t generally drink that much alcohol in a day, it will affect your water weight for a few days until you flush it and get your body back at baseline.

  3. Basically I was going to say what Heather W said. When I was doing weight watchers, I checked my weight every time I was at the gym, but only counted the same-time-every-week weights. The daily fluctuations would be as much as two and a half pounds. It’s meaningless.

  4. One possibility: salt in all that food retains water. One less crazy-making way to assess weight: average 3 days in a row – your average has just gone up by 2/3 pound, but that’s more tolerable. Ultimately, that’s precisely the point of the food journal, to bring you back into balance before you return to your old habits.

  5. It is quite European! At least the part about finishing your dinner, enjoying some relaxing social time, and then returning for dessert, all at later-than-American hours. (I hope you had coffee with dessert, too.) I think it’s an excellent way to go.

    Those mango martinis look intriguing.

  6. The mango martinis were yummy, and easy — none of us had made martinis before, but it was absolutely no trouble.

    The weight’s back down by a pound today, so at least some of it was random fluctuation (or, according to David, a local gravitational anomaly). So, whew.

  7. I’m with Karen. We were in France for just two weeks (most of it in the country, not Paris), and that sounds very French indeed, a long leisurely, sensual meal, with good conversation, stretching into the night. Occasional evenings like that make diets worthwhile!

    (Not relevant to the topic unless you want to print it: Thanks for putting your photo on line. I’ve loved your writing for several years, and now there’s a lovely woman to go with the words. Also, very brave of you.)

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