I know you mostly get…

I know you mostly get cheerful entries from me, or work-focused ones, so in the interests of full-disclosure, I'll note that I'm feeling sad today. There are some reasons, but I think mostly it's reasonless -- just sad. I'm dosing myself with lots of Buffy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

3 thoughts on “I know you mostly get…”

  1. Heh. They just finished the cycle with “Chosen” and yesterday started it again from the beginning. It’s a weird cultural thing that after seeing Sarah five years older (or however much older she is), her sixteen-year-old face actually looks slightly plump to me. Strange. I don’t know if the cultural aesthetics have actually changed in the intervening years towards the skinnier end of beauty, or whether it’s just me somehow.

  2. Spring is on the way with sunlight and new things!

    You have friends all around!

    Hope you feel better!

    (and keep in mind, life can always be worse, I’m home with food poisoning for example, trust me – pretty bad)

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