FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SLF Forms Small Press Co-operative

The Speculative Literature Foundation is pleased to announce the formation of the SLF Small Press Co-operative, an organization designed to help small presses within the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres co-operate on projects and exchange useful information.

Membership in the Co-operative will initially give members access to our private discussion boards, where members may exchange information on finances, logistics, advertising, editing, and more. Members will also have the opportunity to join such group ventures as Co-op convention parties (the first one scheduled will be at WisCon in Madison, 2004; further ones will certainly be at WorldCon and World Fantasy in 2004, and possibly elsewhere), sharing costs and space. We hope that further discussion will also open possibilities for other cost-sharing ventures (as with printers, advertising, convention dealers room tables, etc).

Membership in the SLF Co-op is currently open to any self-identifying small press and its representatives (publishers, editors, copyeditors, etc.) -- both online and print presses are welcome to join.

To apply for membership in the SLF Small Press Co-operative, please send the following to, with the SUBJECT line: Small Press Co-op Application:

Small Press Name: (i.e. Ideomancer, or Lethe Press)
Press URL (if applicable):
Press Snail Mail Address and/or Phone (if applicable):
Publisher Name:
Your Name (if different) and Position: (i.e., John Doe, Proofreader)
Your E-mail:

SLF will not redistribute your information further, and will respond to you with further information upon receiving your application.

The Co-op will be free for membership in 2004; Co-op membership does not require that the press also be an institutional member of SLF. SLF reserves the right to charge for membership in future years; any charter members of the Co-op (those who join in 2004) will receive a 50% discount on sign-up charges, should we decide to charge for membership in future years. You will be notified well in advance of any upcoming charges, so you may decide at that point whether you wish to continue participating.

Thank you,
Mary Anne Mohanraj
Director, Speculative Literature Foundation

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