I really enjoyed this…

I really enjoyed this week's Strange Horizons -- there's a great superhero story by Paul Melko, a melancholy poem, a review of a really good Clute book, an article I admit I skipped but which others more science-minded might find interesting, and a kick-ass editorial by Susan. Good week!

I'm starting to come out of my post-first-draft funk. Moved on from watching tv to playing computer games, and from there, starting to move to reading children's books today. By tomorrow or the next day, might actually get back to working full days. :-) I did do about half a day's work yesterday, down in Hyde Park; I drove Susan down so she could do her research at the Regenstein, and curled up in front of the fire in the upstairs coffeeshop at the Reynolds Club. Very nice; I'll probably go down with her again on Thursday. I managed to finish the formatting on the Silence book; I'm going to send it to the readers' list, in case anyone wants to volunteer to proofread it for me. It would be a huge help. I'll proof it myself too, of course, but I think you should always have at least four pairs of eyes proofing a book. So holler if you can help with that!

Today I pack up computer and go to Borders so poor Kevin can have a little break and the apartment to himself to indulge his introvertness in; tomorrow, his sister arrives for several days. I doubt I'll actually work; there's a new Diane Duane young wizards book out. :-) Tomorrow I will work, though -- it's manuscript sending out day, and I have masses of them to print and address and put in the mail. Simultaneous submissions make for a lot of paper!

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  1. Hey, speaking of STRANGE HORIZONS, nice article with you and Susan and Jed in the BULLETIN OF SFWA! Very good reading there, and it’s nice to see SH become one of the major players in short fiction and magazines in general!

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