I’m feeling better. …

I'm feeling better. Last night I sent out personal letters inviting some genre editors to participate in the Fountain Award nomination process, and this morning, there was cheerful notes back from Ellen Datlow and Gordon van Gelder and Eileen Gunn and Barth Anderson and Jay Lake and Patrick Nielsen Hayden (some with actual nominations attached). So okay, a few people have given me a bit of a rough time about the SLF, but there *is* good support from reputable people in the field. I needed that reminder.

Today I need to deal with a little backlogged stuff. I'm supposed to teach a science fiction writing seminar at the local Guild Complex on April 2nd, and I'm supposed to teach that sexuality and writing thing at Kearny Street in SF this summer -- I need to get both groups course description information. I need to write up the ISFIC proposal and send that to Steve Silver, so that they will hopefully give us $250-$500 for an older writers (50+, I think) grant. I need to send out the call for the SH Oregon workshop, and call Alex and see if he's willing to host the NJ one again. There was also some thought of a beginner-level one in the Chicago area, but I'm afraid in the hard drive crash, I lost my info on the local place that might be a good place to do it, and I can't remember who pointed me to them -- it was some other workshop. Jed, do you remember?

After all those fiddly little things, there's going to the gym and picking up the new bank stuff for SLF on the way. Today will be a weights day, I think. Soreness anticipated. :-) And then the big project is going through the stack of rejection letters I've gotten since the start of the year and starting to reconstruct my submission tracking sheet -- once that's done, as much as it can be, I need to start sending stories out -- including my Mormon ghost story, which will go to Ellen first, I think, then Gordon, then Gardner. If the three of them say no, it goes into my new book, Silence and the Word. I'm also sending out "Under the Skin" to Another Chicago Magazine -- if both they and Fourth Genre say no, then it also goes in the book. Those are the last two that I'm waiting to hear on before I finalize the book, so the sooner I get these in the mail, the sooner I can send that book to press. I'd love to have it ready by WisCon. :-)

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  1. Meriko, thanks! I’ll keep that in mind, if David and Jed get sick of me… 🙂

    And Shanna, I’ll be running the Strange Horizons workshop in Oregon, out on the coast. I’ll be posting a call for it soon, as soon as I nail down some of this other stuff. I’m vaguely thinking I may come out to Portland a bit early, visit a few people, but not sure — can’t actually remember who I know in Oregon. 🙂 I can’t stay late, because the Monday the workshop ends, I need to be teaching in San Francisco that night.

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