So why is my (very…

So why is my (very sweet) cloudberry jam half the calories of my lingonberry jam? Inquiring minds want to know.

Had a productive day yesterday -- not only did I find a birthday present for my sister on astonishing sale (80% off cashmere, yippee!), but I got the last of the dissertation stories drafted, yay! "The Shining World" is very short, only about 2500 words, and I want to give it another pass or two before I send it out because I wrote it in something of a frenzy yesterday, and I'm a little worried that my protagonist's motivations are too similar to another character's, that I'm falling back on the same sort of ideas for all the men in my stories. I do think they're different, but I'm not sure they're differentiated enough yet. But once I get back from the gym today, I can do that, and then I can make a few more fiddling changes, and then either today or tomorrow morning, I can print out the whole dang dissertation and send it off to Katie and Francois.

I can't afford mailing costs to send the book to many other people, but if you desperately want to read it and give me comments and can't cope with doing so online (I'll be uploading the whole draft to my yahoogroup tomorrow), send me a note and let me know that you'd like a copy mailed to you. If I can afford it, I'll send it, because at this point, I really can use all the comments I can get. It's a book -- a real, live book! Woohoo!

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  1. Mary Anne, one suggestion for printing – my printer does two things that help cut weight when I am printing something big – duplex and “2 up” – between those I end up with 4 pages per sheet which really help the weight of longer prints.

    If you have to mail copies to many people, might be worth seeing if your printer can do either or both features. (if it is not a duplex printer some printers have a mode where they print one side then let you put the paper back in and print on the other side of the sheets to get duplex.

  2. Hmm…well, I was planning on printing out one copy and then doing it double-sided at Kinko’s to send to Katie and Francois. I don’t want to make them read tiny print, since I’m sure they’ll be scribbling comments all over it. And if I’m not going to make them do it, should I make others suffer through it? 🙂

  3. Even if you weren’t talking only to me, I had the feeling you were talking to me on the Scando jam topic.

    Cloudberries are naturally very sweet. They have happy fructose in them all by their little golden lovely selves. Lingonberries are extremely, extremely tart by themselves, so jams have lots of sugar added to make them more palatable, especially for American palates. Sucrose. Boo, sucrose.

    Also, it may be that the flesh of cloudberries is just less densely caloric. But I know the sucrose thing is true.

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