So, had my one month…

So, had my one month weigh-in today, with happy results. Since I started this on January 13th, I've lost 4 pounds. Yay! And my trainer was very happy to see that my body fat percentage had dropped from 36.8% to 35.2%, one and a half percent loss total. That's significant improvement, though I still have a ways to go -- she'd like to see me drop at least to 30-32% BF, and 25% BF would be closer to ideal. Dunno if that'll happen, but 32% is starting to seem do-able. If I keep up at this rate, I'd be there in less than three months -- and if I keep losing a pound a week, in three months I'll be getting close to my college weight again.

Of course, at some point, we're expecting all this to slow down some -- but not yet, I think. Right now, all of the work we've done has made it much easier for me to exercise frequently, so we're still up-ping the amount of exercise I do weekly. In a week or two, we'll add a third day of weights, and I'm still doing cardio at the low end of the 30-45 min. range, so I can increase that to 45 as my endurance improves. So, good. Good all around. Yay, me!

I'm especially pleased because she said that about 60% of people who start weight loss/exercise programs in January drop out within three weeks, so I've beat them, hah! (You may have noticed that I have a slight competitive streak. :-) Another 15% or so drop out within six weeks. I'm determined to stick it out for at least another month -- I refuse to be a six-week-er. :-)

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  1. Ah, so *that’s* why the gym is getting slowly less crowded.

    I envy you your personal trainer, MA. I have no idea what my body fat percentage is (not sure I want to know). Of course, once I’m in the gym I always work out, but having a set appointment when I was supposed to meet someone might help get me there some nights.

  2. Heather, it’s just this little machine that they have you hold out in front of you for a minute that tells them — I don’t know how big your gym is, but I bet any biggish gym would let you just check, if you asked. Or your doctor’s office may well have one.

    It definitely does help having a set appointment; not so much to meet someone, but to make me feel guilty if I don’t do what I’m supposed to be doing the rest of the week. I want to see measurable improvement every time I meet with her, and that’s a big motivator.

    I talked it over with Kevin last night and we decided we could afford another six weeks with her (otherwise next week would be my last session). I’m hoping that by the end of three months, I’ll be enough used to the whole gym thing that I can keep going regularly on my own, without that motivating force. And I figure if I’m getting off-track or otherwise sluggish, I can always schedule a single check-progress session with her as needed.

  3. the electric bodyfat-scale thingies are around $50 (cheaper on sale) and effective enough, certainly at measuring changes.

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