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Had a good day doing weights yesterday -- I actually managed to do the full fifteen reps in each set on each exercise, yay me! I don't have the chart here, so I can't tell you exactly what I'm doing, but it's mostly upper body stuff, since the trainer tells me that unlike most women, I am more apple-shaped than pear-shaped. The only leg thing she has me doing is the hip-abductor machine, and that's only to strengthen those muscles a little so I wobble less while doing squats. Oh, and I guess squats are lower body -- but I was thinking more of the machines and actual weights.

The nicest thing about doing weights right now is how much less painful it is. An illustrative story: the first day I did them, I came home and sat on the couch to watch tv. Kevin came and sat next to me. We watched cheerfully. Eventually, he decided to get up, and that it would be easier to get up from our futon couch if he put his hand on my thigh and pushed himself up a bit. I screamed. My thighs were in so much pain (from the squats?), and in general, everything hurt a lot that day. Today, after a day of weights, I wake up from a very sound sleep (I sleep hard the nights after doing weights, with all those exhausted muscles) to be just a little sore, barely noticing it. Yay!

Tomorrow I'll workout with Sarah again, and check my weight. Next week is the six-week checkpoint, and I think she'll be measuring me again then. So we'll see how it's gone. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Heh. Yeah, squats are hard, but sooooo good for you. I’m totally noticing the benefits of squats, especially now that I can go up stairs without my thighs screaming at me 🙂

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