I’ve been getting…

I've been getting insanely bored with the jumprope/jumping jacks/jogging around my bedroom (yes, I feel silly doing it -- Kevin's forbidden to come in when I'm exercising) version of aerobic exercise -- I find myself watching the clock for the whole time. So I dug out my New York City Ballet Workout tape and gave it a go tonight. I wasn't sure it'd be aerobic enough, but sure enough, once I got past the warm-ups and floor work, the standing exercises were plenty to get my heart pumping. I didn't get all the way through, but I got further than I used to -- I used to collapse around exercise 12, and today I got to 15. I think there are 20 total, so I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to just power through them. They are very low-impact, and I suspect that a point will come where it's just not aerobic enough to satisfy my workout needs. But for now, it's a very nice change, and I don't watch the clock. I watch the pretty people on the tape instead. :-)

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