I’ve been trying to…

I've been trying to reconstruct the Blowfish anthology. I've gotten this far, and it's sort of comforting, having a nice long list again. And yet, I feel like I'm still missing people. Not a lot -- but a few. I think. Argh!

  • Kate Bachus, Tender
  • Peg Duthie, Displacement
  • R. Gay, Broads
  • Shanna Germain, Muff Diver
  • Jed Hartman, Validation
  • Jaie Helier, Hotel Excelsior
  • Diane Kepler, Oral Sex
  • Jay Lake, How to Make Love to a Man
  • Holly Wade Matter, Trust
  • John Platt, Multi-Orgasmic
  • Bruce Holland Rogers, Uncertainty Principle
  • Ben Rosenbaum, Duet
  • Anthony Ruffini, Marine Ecology
  • Lori Selke
  • H.L. Shaw, How to Suck
  • Alan Smale, Sneeze Toy
  • Dave Smeds, The Brink
  • Donnard Sturgis, Personals
  • Sonya Taaffe, Nights with Belilah
  • Ray Vukcevich, You Go Too Far
  • Sharon Wachsler, Milk and Honey
In fact, I'm sure there's at least one, looking over this list, that I remember -- it was transgender, with sex magick -- "Maypole", that's it. Now to go Google and see if I can find the author... argh, argh, argh.

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