And we continue to…

And we continue to discover things we've lost. My entire folder of SH materials -- luckily, I'm pretty sure I sent Susan everything she needed a while back. Still, it's odd not to have those at all anymore -- the various drafted proposals at the very beginning, the contracts, the government forms, the graphics. Strange to have that all just gone, wiped out.

I can't be too stressed about it today though, because I woke up less than an hour ago. And why did I sleep so late? Because around midnight, I started writing a piece, a memoir about race and sex and such, called "Under the Skin". Finished the draft around 3-ish, sent it to Jed and got his comments around 3:30, fell fast asleep, content with having done some good work. Today I get feedback from other people (sent it to the readers' list, and to the various ex-lovers whom I originally interviewed for this piece) and revise, to put it in the mail before we leave for Ann Arbor tomorrow morning. (Yes, I realize that means it won't go out until Tuesday -- is okay, that's the deadline, and since they didn't state otherwise, I'm going to assume it's a postmarked-by deadline, mostly because I have little choice. :-) I'm reasonably pleased with what I did -- I completely scrapped my original draft (though it was very useful to read through it and read my saved critique comments from my classmates -- that's what pointed me to what I actually was trying to talk about, which I was thus able to focus on more coherently in this draft. I hope. Anyway, I'm sure it can use a fair bit more work, but I think it's already at least interesting. So that's good.

Calories today: cheerios and skim milk, 160 (half at 2 a.m., half just now :-)

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