Argh. I discovered that…

Argh. I discovered that I did lose some fiction after all. I did a drastic revision of "The Emigrant" -- I remember doing it, but I don't have a copy. I'm not entirely sure I finished it, which would explain why I didn't send it out to the readers' group. If you're one of the people I send fiction occasionally to look at, could you check your files for November/December/January and see if I sent you a revision of that story?

Other than that, it looks like I have all the dissertation material. I need to spend some time reassembling it into the third draft manuscript, but I think it'll be in reasonably good shape after that. I might even still make my goal of finishing a full draft by the end of January, which is astonishing, considering.

Food report: breakfast: egg and 1/2 pita toast and tea (205), lunch: ravioli and salmon (400). If you're bewildered by all the salmon, it's because I grilled two pounds (marinated in lime juice and cayenne) a few days ago (on the George Foreman grill, so no added oil). I'll be eating that all week; I'm barely halfway through at this point. Tasty, though I admit, it's getting a tad dry. I may make salmon cakes tomorrow, if I get to the store; the Weight Watchers cookbook (which I bought years and years ago) has what looks like a decent recipe. It does involve all kinds of stuff I don't own, like non-fat cooking spray and egg substitute, but I can get those.

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