Morning, munchkins. So,…

Morning, munchkins. So, I'm recovering okay from the computer thing -- mostly by not thinking about it. I spent yesterday doing lots of Foundation stuff -- I'm particularly pleased to see that people have started posting to our Forum, making suggestions, offering their support and volunteer time. Very pleasing. Of course, that also means that there's already a little bit of critique, which is hard to take with our baby foundation (doesn't everyone just want to hear that their baby is beautiful, the most beautiful baby in the world?), but the critique will undoubtedly be good for us in the long run (no, no -- you don't hold the baby *that* way, you'll break its neck).

I did spend most of yesterday working, but by around 5-ish was starting to seriously feel the lack of my computer. Kevin kindly let me install SimCity 4 on his computer and play there, which is pretty much what I did for the entire evening. I hadn't actually played it before, since my computer is too slow to run it (I bought the game anticipating a day when I would have a faster computer -- this sounds silly, but is less silly given that I can't seem to find copies of the older SimCities for the Mac anywhere). Fun. Not useful fun, but fun nonetheless.

I should throw some clothes on soon and go to the gym; I've actually scheduled a meeting with a personal trainer lady. We'll talk, we'll see what she says. If nothing else, the meeting will get me to actually go to the gym today, so I'll get at least one workout out of it. :-)

After I get back -- work on the collaboration with Jed (we long ago failed to make Nalo's deadline, which shows that we are wusses, but it still might end up a good, publishable story, so I'd like to finish it), and then maybe try to write something to submit to Hyphen Magazine, which has expressed an interest in my work. They want something literary, South Asian, erotica apparently okay, unpublished, under 2000 words. I'm tempted to try to write a little story from the "Challah" book; an incident from the lives of that threesome. I had a dream about a sex-related fight in a threesome situation (not actually anything that's happened to me exactly, but not so far off either :-) that might make for good fiction. I'm hoping that knowing all the backstory of these people will make it easier to pack something dense and rich into 2000 words. We'll see.

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