Kevin is baffled;…

Kevin is baffled; luckily, I have AppleCare. So now I'm on hold -- hopefully, they can fix it like they did the last time. But I suspect that having the same problem crop up twice, months apart, means that there actually is something wrong with my hard drive, which is distressing. It shouldn't cost me any money to fix, but it may require being without my computer for some time -- which, frankly, makes me feel a little panicked. I have a book to finish. Two, in fact. I don't have time to not have my computer!

On the plus side, we just got a new member to the foundation, and I find myself oddly pleased to see that his return address is from Harper Collins. Someone at Harper Collins thinks we're doing a good thing here. Yay, us!

One of the things I really like about the financial structure of groups like this is that it's so clearly and directly tied to the community. If we offer something the community values, they put their own money behind it. (And of course, the converse is true -- if we offer nothing anyone cares about, we get no money, and wither away.) If we do a good job, more of the community will sign up, giving us more money to do more good things that they will hopefully value. Is this capitalism? In some sense, I think. But it's happy-good capitalism, not evil-exploiting-the-workers capitalism. At least, I think it is. I should ask Roshani's husband Tom (a card-carrying socialist) about it sometime. It makes me feel good, anyway, to know that everything we do comes directly from a generous base of support. That's warm-glow-making, that is. :-)

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