There’s this hum, see. …

There's this hum, see. It started just before I left town, and we tracked it down to a pipe in the utility closet. Sometimes it's a loud hum, sometimes it's not. But fairly often, it's been so loud that Kevin couldn't get to sleep in our bedroom and ended up sleeping in the tv/guest room instead (which is farther from the pipe in question, and quite a bit quieter). I woke up this morning, cranky because my body has apparently decided that only six hours sleep is plenty, to find no soft warm Kevin beside me to snuggle into and complain at. No, the bed was empty except for me, leaving me no real choice except to get up, go out into the main room and turn on the heat (because it's cold in Chicago, my darlings), come back into the bedroom and put on Kevin's pyjamas and socks and sweatshirt (because I couldn't get to my clothes, since my closet is in the other room where he took refuge last night (this is actually not such a hardship since his clothes are thick and soft and I love wearing them)).

The point is, I had to get up. On a cold morning. Too early. On my own. Without burying my face in Kev's shoulder and whining a bit first. Because the damned pipe is humming like mad. And when I say humming, I mean filling the whole bedroom with a loud thrumming sound that rather sounds like the pipe in question is about to explode. Which it likely isn't, since it's been doing this for a month. But, still. Argh. Arrrrggghhhh!

Yes, I've called the nice lady at the condo management company to send someone to look at this problem. One of these days, I'll possibly even get through to her.

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