So, I did finish that…

So, I did finish that story I was drastically revising, "Sister Mary", and sent it out to the readers' list -- I'm pretty happy with it now, I think. Finally. I first wrote that story four years ago! Sometimes it takes a while. I still think "Marry in Haste" may need another pass or two before it's ready.

Other than that, mostly finishing up details on the Foundation website, and meeting up with people as planned. Had a nice long Mexican lunch with Susan yesterday, finishing up handing off magazine details, which is a load off my mind. I'm officially now the SH Workshop Coordinator and I supposed Endowment Development Director, or some such foofy title. :-) I'm sure you'll hear me brainstorming endowment plans in here soon.

Met up with Dan and Nadya at Tully, nice, followed by Debbie and Guy Thomas, who turned out to know a lot about fund-raising; I think I've managed to snag him as a volunteer, yay! Stopped at Other Change and bought the conclusion to the Michelle West fantasy epic, hooray -- I now have plane reading. Which is especially good since flights to Chicago are apparently being cancelled right and left due to bad weather, so who knows how long I'll end up in an airport?

Today, off to S.F. for lunch with Christophe (of Blowfish), followed by coming back here and mailing many SH books to contributors. Another project that it will be very satisfying to have completed. Slowly, we check them off, one by one by one. :-)

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