I spent the early…

I spent the early morning eating buttered toast with peach jam and reading Meredith Ann Pierce's first Darkangel book -- very imaginative and generally engaging, though the big mystery was telegraphed way early, so that you wanted to shake the protagonist and scream "Don't you see what's going on?!" I'd rather she figured it out earlier, or that it was hidden from us better. Something to keep in mind for the secrets and mysteries in my own YA novel, if I ever get back to it.

Then Jed woke up, and I made more tea (I know I didn't mention the tea earlier, but surely you take it as a given by now) and we did some more unpacking for an hour or so. And now he's puttering away at some paperwork preparatory to our going out for a run to the bank (so he can pay his mortgage, so they don't come and take the house away) and the grocery store (to get lots of last-minute things for tomorrow. Lunch in Sunnyvale with Kate and Becca, along with collecting of some party supplies they're kindly loaning, followed by more unpacking this afternoon. I've pretty much done all the in-advance cooking I can do, so until 2ish tomorrow, it's just cleaning. On the plus side, all of this is getting Jed to finish unpacking. On the minus side, I'm afraid I'm rushing him into some fairly random decisions. (Don't know where that should go? Off to the garage!) Ah well -- it'll all get sorted out eventually, probably years and years from now.

This evening, dinner with Arthur and Pam, which will be lovely. They're having a small shindig, and I get to play with new baby Raymond. Very exciting. Though disconcerting too -- Arthur and I did date for three months, lo, these many moons past. It's odd to think of him spawning. But at least he's not the first -- Jordan (who, hey, I also dated for about three months, now that I think about it) had a daughter a few years back. Odd, but nice. Little modified versions of Arthur and Jordan running around. You start wondering if the same traits that annoyed you when you were dating them will show up in their kids and annoy their future dates... :-) Aw, that's not nice. I'm sure it'll mostly be the good stuff that's passed down anyway. :-)

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