I woke up this morning…

I woke up this morning really not wanting to work. It was cold, and grey, and dark. I puttered around for a bit, making tea, cleaning off the dishes Kev made after I went to sleep last night. (It's always something of an adventure coming into the kitchen in the morning -- "What can these crumbs be? Aha, I deduce that he made an entire apple pie and ate it in the night!") The tv was calling me. But I lit candles -- three tapers, four pillars, and half a dozen tea lights -- all the candles in the room. (If this seems like an excessive number of candles for one room, please note that it's a large combined living/dining/kitchen area. If it still seems excessive, well, pfui to you.) I put on my headphones and cranked up iTunes. And then I wrote Cheryl's article, which has been hanging over my head for days -- wrote it in about fifteen minutes, in fact. And I feel better. The sky is lightening, but I think I'll just keep the candles going for a while. They're awfully pretty.

Do any of you use candle therapy? Is it just me?

2 thoughts on “I woke up this morning…”

  1. I do. I find the candle light therapeutic and have utilized it for candle light meditation from time to time. Not too much of scented candles lately though, but that’s mostly me being paranoid because of my asthma. Mostly using aromatherapy burners now, esp. the ayurvedic scent “Kapha” from Body Shop. Very soothing.

  2. I’m glad it’t not just me. 🙂 We’ve had a string of grey days here (my poor paperwhites have grown tall and green but are just refusing to bloom), and the candles do seem to help.

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