Hey, munchkins. I’m…

Hey, munchkins. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today, but honestly not sure why. The cookbook is done -- a final manuscript went to Lethe this morning. Whew! There may be some minor tweaking from this point, but basically, done. The SH book is also basically done, I think. Steve will let me know if he needs anything more from me. I'm waiting on the Silence book until I hear back from my test readers, so I don't need to do anything on that 'til December 1st. So the only book in progress is the Blowfish one. Oh, yeah. That's one of the things that's stressing me. I need to edit that. I keep putting it off, but maybe I'll actually get off my butt and work on that today.

I did have a lovely day off yesterday. A great crowd of mostly gals (something like 8 women + Rich, Jennifer's husband) nattering on about their novels, for the most part. And eating. What more could you ask? Nalo and Nnedi and Jennifer and Anjali and Karen and me, plus two visitors who don't write, but do read. Pretty perfect. I made masses of food (the crab curry went over particularly well), and people brought yummy stuff, and it was all good. Oh, and I'd cleaned out my closet the night before, and I managed to give away a laundry basket's worth of clothing to them. Yay! Another laundry basket's worth will head over to Goodwill soon. After the main crowd left around 4-ish, Karen and I watched an episode of Smallville before she toddled off to IKEA -- then I watched the two episodes of Angel she'd brought me. Very satisfying! And then in the evening, Jed and I did a fair bit of work on this collaborative story. An end to the first draft may actually be in sight. It's ungodly long, though -- well over 10K. Hopefully we can trim it significantly in revision.

This morning, mostly worked on foundation stuff, putting up a staff page, sending a proposal to TOR for a first novel contest we could jointly sponsor and run, collecting memberships -- we have nine founding members now! Coolness! That's almost $300 -- once we get to $1000 or so, we can start talking about what spiffy awards and such we might want to hand out. Okay, we're talking about it already, but we can start seriously planing it once we have the money in hand.

Okay. So, one more cup of tea, a little more of Graham Joyce's The Tooth Fairy (disturbing, creepy, compelling), and then the Blowfish subs. I might traipse downtown for that -- I have various errands to do, and once I'm away from the net, I might be better able to focus. We'll see.

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