Morning, munchkins. A…

Morning, munchkins. A little short on sleep -- for some reason, I haven't been getting my full eight hours, the last few nights. Which tends to make the Mary Anne cranky. Luckily, there have been counterbalances to that crankiness. Last night I wrote two decent scenes for my collaboration with Jed, and then poured out a thousand words on that possible novel. And after that, I organized my tool shelves (crazy-glued jar lids of jars of screws and nails to the bottoms of shelves, to take advantage of vertical space; hung frequently-used tools on the sides of the shelving unit, so I don't have to go digging into the tool chests -- hung them on nails if the tools had appropriate holes; if not, used velcro strips to attach them), which is the sort of thing which makes me absurdly happy. I don't understand where this strange passion for organizational tidiness comes from. But at least it's relatively easy to satisfy.

This morning, the productiveness continues -- I did a first pass revision on one of my dissertation stories, "Acts of Faith", which I was surprised to find I liked better than I remembered. Usually it's the other way around. I need to revise "Mint in Your Throat" today, and then send both those stories along with "The Light at Dawn" to Katie and Francois, get their opinions. I'm still not sure the last story should go in the dissertation -- I need to decide that soon, because if it doesn't, it should definitely go in the Silence collection.

Lots more to do, but if I start listing it all, I won't actually be doing it, will I? So down some tea, get back to work.

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