It’s been a good week…

It's been a good week for socializing, and it's only Wednesday. (Well, technically Thursday, but still.) I didn't end up coming home on Monday from Milwaukee -- I drove on to Madison instead (about an hour and a half from Milwaukee, as opposed to two and a half from Chicago). It was too good an opportunity to miss. I spent the afternoon and evening playing with Jeremiah and talking with Karen, ditto the next morning. Wonderful time, which has left me talking primarily in three-year-old-speak for the last day or so. "Want some!" "No pants!" It's a remarkably economical speech pattern that I think many of us could benefit from employing on occasion.

And then I drove home yesterday and crashed hard (driving is getting better, but I still tend to be pretty tense while driving, which means that the couple of hours it takes to drive from Madison to Chicago leaves me very tired) in front of the tv. Slept, woke and worked, cleaned up some, and then met Kate Bachus for dinner. She had flown in from the Bay Area for a work thing out in Arlington Heights, and then spent over an hour on the train just to come have dinner with me. Yay! Great time with masses of Greek food at Costa's, followed by showing her my apartment and my Kevin (whom she hadn't met before), and then coffee and dessert at Artopolis. A little Greektown holiday -- I just wish she could have stayed longer. A sleepover would have been very nice. Next time, maybe.

Oh, and she's volunteered her house for a Bay Area cookbook launch party this December, if I want to throw a feast. It's a very tempting idea. Not entirely sure how feasible it is, schedule and time and effort-wise, but worth thinking about, definitely.

I'm still hyped up from her visit, so I'm going to go watch some tv and try to calm down enough to go to sleep. Tomorrow, the return of discipline -- work and writing and revising and not having massive Greek meals (skordalia and taramosalata and moussaka and patsitsio and gyros and spanakopita and oodles of feta) with glasses and glasses of wine and meltingly delicious desserts. Mmmm....

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