I’m so close to making…

I'm so close to making final decisions on the Blowfish thing, it's killing me. I'm waiting right now for one author to resend a story I asked for; I accidentally deleted it the last time. Such a dork. Once I read hers and decide, then I get to read through the tentative manuscript again (which is now at 79,000 words) and decide if there are any in there that don't seem quite strong enough on re-reading, which didn't stick with me, which could be cut. I have a sort of funny balance on this one -- we ended up, oddly enough, with more transgender stories than dyke stories. In fact, I think I only have one dyke story, two gay male, and about four transgender. Odd balance.

Lots of het stuff, of course, including a few poly-type things. Three that could be described as genre (F) -- about as many as I think I can squeeze in without the balancing starting to feel off. Four or five poems -- still making final decisions on a few of those, since they don't affect word count significantly. At this point, it all comes down to balance. The last twenty or so stories I rejected this morning were all good stories, just as good as some of the ones I'm planning on taking -- it comes down to trying to decide which ones play well against each other, which ones don't repeat the themes of others too much. Balance is tricky, and I'm not sure it's something I really have down yet. It's not like there's any editing school to go to! :-)

Cooking when I'm not editing this morning; making patties to test for the cookbook. I have a few last dishes I have to test, and which I've been putting off because they're a) a lot of work, and b) not diet food. But if we're sending the manuscript in on 11/1, then I just have to suck it up and cook them. Maybe Kevin will eat it all. Maybe it's time to have a party.

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