Okay, so I haven’t…

Okay, so I haven't actually done anything of the things I was supposed to yet. But I ended up talking to Steve and redoing a bunch of the formatting stuff for the cookbook, and then starting to set up a web page with photos for it. Eventually, I'd like to add a forum feature to this -- anyone want to recommend a free, easy-to-use, simple forum I could set up? Just something that'll let readers offer comments on the recipes to each other, and let me answer questions as needed.

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  1. ezboard.com has a nice setup if you want a forum on their servers all set up for you. It’s free but you have to pay if you don’t want ads and stuff on your pages.

    If you want a forum on your domain and know how to set it up, then I would definitely recommend getting the files from http://www.phpbb.com/ and installing the forum on your domain. It has several themes and is fully customizable. I’m using it for my site and am quite happy with the setup. ( http://www.mythopoetica.com/tree ) if you want to view a working example.

  2. David, I did intend it as a forum, but I’m not sure I understand what the purpose would be of allowing automatic deletion after 60 days. Why would recipe comments become outdated?

    Anita, I’m a little scared by the setting it up myself thing, but I’ll take a look at it at least. Thanks! I may end up going with the ezboard thing, though. 🙂

  3. I was just worrying that the threads would become
    too complicated to be usable without an unreasonable investment of time if they just grew and grew. This is not a problem here, since threads start anew with every journal entry. But maybe I am just not patient enough with such things.

  4. I was pretty scared setting it up myself because I
    started with zero php + mySQL knowledge 🙂 and had to read up FAQs and email support for help and such. Ezboard is pretty cool though. The Surlalunes fairytale boards are there and I like the setup.

    Hyperboards.com is ok, but they have ickier ads :p

    BTW, re: topic deletion. W/ phpbb there is such a thing as topic pruning where you can preset if you want some topics to be automatically deleted if there have not been replies in a certain amount of days. I don’t have that on though because I like to do manual pruning *ONLY* if there are trolls and nasty people and thank goodness, there are hardly any!! And w/ ezboard you can lock topics (phpbb as well) so no new posts can be make to a thread if you want it to die a graceful death.

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