I slept restlessly, but…

I slept restlessly, but woke happy. It's raining hard here; the outside world is drenched and a sort of silvery-grey. I admit, as much as I like rain, I'm also happy to be inside, curled up in the tv room under my Moroccan-style pendant lamp, which glows so cheerfully through the rows of tiny gold beads.

I'm halfway through a cup of tea, and I've talked over the cookbook project this morning with Rachel. (Heh, I called her Amy first and had to correct myself -- and so we become our creations...) Initially she was just going to do a few internal illos for a share of the profits, but I've asked her to take on a bit more, including an image for the cover, so I offered her some cash as well. I'm sure I can find some cash somewhere -- maybe under the sofa cushions? I can't wait to see what she does -- and I won't have to wait long, since she's agreed to have them to me by 11/1. Yay! :-)

Today, the task list is pretty simple. Deal with the NJ workshop crits, dangit. Review Blowfish subs and make some decisions. If time, try to put together a Tam Lin proposal for ICFA; it's due tomorrow. Go to the grocery store. Maybe cook something from the cookbook. This evening, go through finances with Kevin. That's all.

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