Productive morning so…

Productive morning so far -- I made a few copies of the cookbook to send to my dad, to Rachel if she needs it, and to take up to Roshani (who is semi-computer-illiterate). I'm still fiddling with recipes as test cooks give me feedback, but it's getting close to done. I'm excited to see what Rachel does with the illustrations and the cover! I think it's going to be charming. I hope so, anyway.

Not masses of other stuff on my plate -- finish up the NJ workshop stuff, and then if there's time/energy, maybe take on a revision or two. David's been giving me feedback on some of the Sri Lankan stories; I'm really eager to get as many of these in the mail as possible.

The plan is to work here today and tomorrow, and then possibly go up to Milwaukee on Wednesday and take Roshani out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration, then go to Madison on Thursday and see Karen & co. Babysit Jeremiah in the evening so she and Par can take a little break. Come back down Friday morning. There's some talk of starting up a math department poker game here Friday nights -- I'm generally way out of my league when I play with those guys, but I have fun anyway. And it's an excuse to cook yummy snacks. We used to play poker in the department back in Utah; poker is just fun, especially when you play for tiny stakes. I'm strictly a nickel-dime-quarter girl. :-)

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