It took me a…

It took me a while to get these photos up, but here you go, finally -- this is the chalkboard I made for Kevin. I had the lumberyard cut pine into the appropriate sizes, along with laminate wood for a smoother surface (I used wood glue to attach it to the solid pine base). Sand and paint (the front is a combination of terra cotta and brick, layered in a thick wash, and the inside is black latex chalkboard paint, from Benjamin Moore). Hinges from Restoration Hardware, sturdy wall-mounting (screws guaranteed to hold the 80 pounds of weight), and Shannon's help getting it up on the wall. (That part was not easy.) A few magnets on the inside and outside to keep it closed when not in use and to help it lie flat when in use. Paint over the magnets and you're done! Took about two days, but a lot of that was paint-drying time. Actual work time -- hmm... 6-8 hrs, I think. Spiffy! I may still add some decorative hardware to the front, when I get a chance, but it's done enough for now.

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