A few days ago, totally…

A few days ago, totally out of the blue, a CD appeared in my mailbox. It's jazz, The Peter Malick Group, featuring Norah Jones, New York City. It's playing on my iTunes now, and I can't tell you how much easier it is to focus on actually getting work done with my headphones on and a smoky voice singing to me. Thanks, Jim! :-) A totally unexpected, delightful surprise!

So far this morning, I've managed to actually turnaround immediately a sub (usually it takes me weeks, if not months); "Monsoon Day" came back from Threepenny Review with some kind personal words -- it's out to Iowa Review now. Cleared the counter, tossed out a pile of trash, dealt with some backlogged SH stuff, edited a bunch of recipes. Hey -- if you were test-cooking recipes for me but somehow didn't make it over to the yahoogroup, please let me know! I'm putting together the acknowledgements page, and I'd also like to give all my test-cooks a discount on the book, if they want to buy it. They're making it *such* a better book, I can't tell you. It's amazing how many cooking things seem clear to you when you're cooking but really aren't clear to anyone who hasn't actually eaten the dish.

I'm thinking of putting together a web supplement to the book -- we can't afford to print color photographs in the book, but I could easily put them up online and just point to them in the book. What do you think? Helpful? Too goofy?

2 thoughts on “A few days ago, totally…”

  1. I think the web page with photos is a great idea.

    Further, it would be pretty easy to let readers offer comments/feedback about the dishes (suggestions might make it into a future edition?)

    These days it seems silly to me not to have a web complement to a book, especially a functional book such as a cookbook.

    Don’t forget to cross-polinate the website with links to buy the book – there will be many people who learn about the book via a web search that returns the website…

  2. You are so welcome, I was excited when I saw that CD, and more excited when I listened to it.

    When that happens I just have to share it with someone, and I know you like that style of music.

    I’m just glad you like it.


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